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Originally Posted by scott023 View Post
Out of curiosity, do you guys pull through big hills, or mountains, ever?
Originally Posted by scott023 View Post
LMBO. Please define a "good size hill".
Up I-75 south, Jelico Mountain pass at 65 mph running at 2500 RPM good enough

Compare Dodge 1500 at 3500 RPM lucky to get up to 60 MPH

I don't know the grade but it pretty much straight up hill about 5 miles, passing trucks doing about 35-45 with their flashers on lol

Also, pulled up this same hill with a rented 2500 gaser and it was running at 3500 to 4000 up this same hill when my 1st Toaureg was totaled. I also get 14 mpg towing and 29 all around mileage vs 8-12 in a gaser.

Trips to Norris run 78 down hill in 8th, drop to 7th up the hills at 70, running between 2000 and 2500 rpm respectively.
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