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I'm doing my sanding makeover again -
Last year, partner dropped off the Star Brite 3 step -

Belt sanded it clean - coated the final teak oil on - install platform.
It looked like a joke from the start - had that urethane look - sure enough the brush used
was solid rock a week later.

The Unsanded end of platform looks as seen when removed last fall -
I'll be finding some actual Teak Oil that penetrates vs just lay on the surface and it shows.
One would think it was 5 years of varnish worn through.
6 weekends maybe max of in & out of the water.

Beltsander process began yesterday - 36 grit plows it off decent.
30 degrees to the grain each direction - then final cuts with grain.
It blends the end joints flush nicely.

Leaving the micro cut of 36 grit in the surface to lesson slips when wet.
I'll try a micro focus close up to show what that looks like tomorrow.
Tonite was removing the rest of it - and the outer edge.

Hoping the image shows the horrible finish in close up of this section.
WATCO Teak Oil Finish
CLICK LINK FOR 1600x view
Turned out much Better than StarBrite - with a real look and feel of Teak. Huge Thanks to GoinBoatin.

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