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Originally Posted by chriscraftmatt1976 View Post
lol, did you just call me sad?!?!?!

I share, because i care. most of the stuff i bring out gets dumped down my buddies, but it's good to know you're so worried about me. I'll sleep soundly tonight.

Man, other people have been posting about alcohol in their cooler, you may want to PM them and voice your concern...

Other posted having food for the kids, some beers, other items.

I guess you never been involved with a drunk driver there sport? Seen how they live after drinking a bottle Jack D. and the sober one dies. How about how you would be sued too as you provided the booze to them? Guess you dont read the posts on here were boaters die due to 'party'. It is one thing to have a beer while floating in a cove - chugging Jack (you said the coke was left untouched) is another.
You admitted to having a case of beer, full bottle of Jack D, basically no food and, assuming, all drove home.
Your mom would be so proud.
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