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Originally Posted by bturner2 View Post
Had the ski out last night for the first run. Was very happy.

First thing I noticed between the Concept and the Senate was the weight difference between the two skis. The Senate while 2" longer and noticeably wider was noticeably lighter. The same was true of the Connelly Sidewinder bindings and the Radar Vectors. That lighter feel also translates into the feel of the ski while riding it. While on the feel of things I have to say I won't miss the Sidewinders at all. The Sidewinders while providing a very secure fit also pinched my feet and I would get cramping if I was in them waiting between sets. The Vectors are like wearing a pair of skate shoes. I needed lube to get into my Sidewinders, the Vectors just slide on.

I'm sure the two inches helped but the starts on this ski just felt less demanding and less stressful. Not dramatically so but noticeable. Riding the ski was very noticeably less demanding. The ski felt more balanced and just seemed to ride effortlessly. While the Connelly seemed to want to be on or off while turning and you needed to pay attention all the time, the Senate has a carving feel to it very similar to my first ski which was an EP Comp 1. It doesn't hunt while riding in a straight line and gives you a more confident feeling as to what to expect the ski will do next. I was expecting the longer ski to be more difficult to turn but actually had better results on my off side than I had with the Connelly. It seems to accelerate very well off the turn and again is equal to or better than the Concept.

In all honesty I'm thinking a lot of my comparisons between the two skis and my bias towards the Senate are probably due having the right size ski. I was always hitting the upper weight limit on the Connelly and most of my negative descriptions of the performance of the Concept are indicative of someone on a ski that is too small for them. All that said the weight difference is not subjective. The older designed Concept would seem to be constructed of old ground up bowling balls compared to the more advance materials used in the Senate. This translates in a lighter solution that would appear to make a noticeable difference in the way the ski feels and performs.

I've only got a couple sets in so far and wasn't really pushing it as I'm still recovering from the "over the front" falls I took a couple weeks back. I will say though that I am very happy to get back on a carving ski that feels more stable both in the turns and crossing the wakes. Money well spent in my book.
Thanks for the update. Your description sounds like my experience with my Radar Theory. Since I'm not running a course I wanted a more stable platform to ride in the open water but the Senate sounds like it would provide that same balance and perform well in the course. In any case the more I ride the ski the better I like it, I just don't get to the lake enough to make a big difference in my performance which is really what will help at this point.
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