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Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
Hmmm. maybe you have a bad transducer, because where you described is almost exactly where I installed mine. Mine on occasion gives a inaccurate reading at high speeds when the water is pretty murky. I used a livorsi depth sounder, which I think is like a hummingbird unit.
I almost positive I screwed up my deadrise angle when I installed the transducer mount after looking back over the installation instructions.

Did you locate your transducer with the boat in the water or on the trailer?

The instructions recommend putting the boat in the water and I'm sure that's a good idea, but I'm gonna be using my depth sounder primarily for locating shallow water, so I'll probably just locate it with the boat on the trailer.
I'm not overly concerned if it's off a few feet in 100' of water.

What did you guy's use to glue the transducer base to the hull?
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