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Originally Posted by craig3972 View Post
too bad about the Alpine discontinuation. I had purchased A WS420 and sold it after seeing how many long RCA jacks ( complication and potential noise induction) and the potential of drunk people blowing up my system buy playing with the controls on it. I like the dual zone control of the Alpine but I dont use it as much as I thought I would. The WS420 also works as a line driver which is a feature I miss.
Good sound starts at the head unit/source, it seems less important now though with every body playing MP3 thru an ipod, Still I liked the Alpine sound better than the Clarion.
Agree with you on this one. I originally bought the Alpine because one I am a huge fan of Alpine, but more importantly I wanted dual zone control. After installing it I played around with the dual zone control, but found over time that I stopped making use of it altogether. The gains on my amps are set in such a way that from a volume output perspective they are relatively in unison so I can turn everything up/down all at once and not have anything outweighing the others. Never really find the need to turn up the towers and not the in-boats or vice versa...but I can if I want I guess?! Only dislike about the 118 is the ipod controls (mainly that you cant control directly from the ipod, you have to use the clumsy head unit controls) and the key fob remote is horrible, but it seems that all other manufacturers have the same issue from what I've read (fobs seem to be made by the same manufacturer).
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