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Originally Posted by tockit View Post
This past winter, I installed a Faria Dual Temp Depth Sounder with a Thru-Hull Airmar P79 Transducer in the bilge of my 1989 Tristar.
I mounted it about a foot aft of the ski boom area, around 10 inches off centerline and I'm getting erratic and inaccurate depth readings.
I was wondering if anyone on here had dealt with this before?
The transducer installation manual mentions that my unit won't work well in boats with "cored hulls".
Is the hull in that part of the bilge on my Mastercraft "cored"?
I've tried to research it, without any luck, and I'm not sure.
Hmmm. maybe you have a bad transducer, because where you described is almost exactly where I installed mine. Mine on occasion gives a inaccurate reading at high speeds when the water is pretty murky. I used a livorsi depth sounder, which I think is like a hummingbird unit.
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