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This was just weird. Late in the day, we were tired, and decide to just do stupid stuff. One example: We put The Boy on a board that was for a large rider, pulled him into the pocket, and he stayed right there for the full length of the run (approx 4 miles) and the 180 degree turn and return. He's never wake surfed, but he figured it out. Clearly, he was having fun.

Being Normal

The Girl Doing What she Does

The Rest of The Year:

The Boy's First Race on his Sister's Handmedown

And, of course, when the water is frozen:

I could go on and on, with all the team sports pics, etc., etc., etc., but I won't bore you. We're all so lucky to have fun kids. I look forward to the day when The Nuggets can pull me (and start pitching in for gas).
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