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Originally Posted by Beg4wake View Post
CantRepeat...yeah mine did a couple weeks ago...only about the 3rd time I had the boat out since I bought it! Talk about pissed! But it was an easy fix thanks to all the threads on here about it. I even have a full service warranty that would have covered it but when it only cost me $75 and I got it done in less than an hour, over waiting 3 weeks for my local shop to even look at it...I'll take that any day! Plus I usually like doing things myself so that I'll know for future purposes. And now I have a project on locating the ballast pump for the front right bag of the PWT ballast upgrade that was installed on my boat before I purchased it...the fill pump doesn't seem to be working...grrrrrrrrr
I believe most people would say it's the impeller that has gone or is going bad. I would bet most of the pumps are behind the rear walls in either your engine compartment or the rear storage area.

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