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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
I would check your fuel pressure first, but there is a thing call dead-stick on 06 MEFI4s. I'm not sure if the same issue can happen on 07 MEFI5s. I'd have to go look at a friends 07 to see if the same parts are on an 07. It happens when the ECM doesn't get a signal from the helms throttle. When this happens the ECM triggers idle. I first heard about it from EngineNut, an Indmar tech. This happens with a faulty Throttle Actuator Control (TAC) Malfunction module but I'm not sure if 07s have them. If I get a chance I'll look this weekend.

But you say you are not getting an engine alarm when it happens?
No alarms. No codes. Nothing. The engine is running great. The boat just drops to idle. Could this be the filter or fuel pump? Those would be easy to fix, I believe. The problem I'm having is that everyone is telling me that it'll be 7-14 days to get to it. That will blow our time at the lake. Bummer. If I can fix it with a pump, we are back on line.
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