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Originally Posted by Beg4wake View Post
CantRepeat..... One shouldn't have to worry about running a tank below half full... if you're anything like me and pull a lot with a weighted boat, half of a tank will last only a couple hours. I'm sorry but I don't feel like making a trip up the lake every few hours to refill at lake gas prices!! I replaced with the Airtech E2044 and haven't had any probs at all. Run the tank down to a 1/4 or less every day we go out. And at $75 I'll gladly keep one on board as a spare just in case...all that's needed to change are an alan wrench, a phillips screw driver, and a fuel line tool and it shouldn't take more than 45 mins to do it all.
No we shouldn't have to worry about it and it would be nice if we didn't. Did your fuel pump quit on you? I use half a tank as a big safety measure but most of what I've read is a 1/4 is fine too. My issue with that is I just don't trust the gauge that much.

You are right about lake prices and I wont pay them.

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