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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
I see no reason to do this. So long as you don't run it out or low on fuel the pumps should last very long time. I'm going on 7 years without issue.
You're in the minority from personal experience and what is posted here.
To me, replacing a faulty $70 part "before" it breaks sounds like good PM to not ruin a day on the lake.
When you're like me and lucky to avg 30-40hrs/yr on the boat (less now w/ the AK adventure thrown in) you want ot make every day count.
I carry a spare pump JIC but will be replacing it after I get to 200hrs or so on the boat.
To the OP.
If it was the fuel pump, sounds like it was, when you replaced it, did the fuel lines all push back on real tight?
Buddy had an issue where the fuel lines were a bit loose on the pump after replacing. had same symptoms as bad pump. Added hose clamp(s) to the line and solved the problem.
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