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Actually ended up being a bit of a cluster getting the ski. Guess I just tried to get it too cheap (or I was being too cheap).

Bought a blem off Ski It Again for $270 shipped which BTW shipped directly from Radar. That part went well but took 5 days longer to get than I thought. Then went to the good ole Interweb to get some Vector bindings. That didn't go so well. Found a set of XL Vectors (from two separate sellers) for $220 total shipped. Pulled the trigger and everything started falling apart. First seller no longer had the light weight 2012 model rear binding but offered to replace it with the 2013 aluminum plate version for the same price. Saved $60 so went with that.

Second seller mis-listed what he had and backed out. Was able to find a front XL binding for $120 but it doesn't exactly match the rear. It has a slightly different pattern and logos as it's the 2012 version of the boot. While I would have liked perfectly matching boot it's not that big of a deal for me as long as they're the same model and fit correctly.

At any rate I just got everything on Monday and am planning on going out tonight to see how it rides.

The Connelly I had was a 67 and the Radar is a 69. I stood the two up next to each other and there is a noticeable difference in size (both length and width) between the two. At my weight and size I'm hoping this difference will help me out.

All in all so far I'm still happy with the purchase and am only into the package for about $500. My local MC dealer wouldn't move under $750 which I understand but for that difference I can live with slightly mismatched boots.

I'll be sure to update as soon as I get to take this bad boy out for a ride. Unfortunately on our lake just because you get there doesn't mean the conditions will be good for skiing. Tons of boaters and sometimes the wind just rips up the bay. That and based on the crashes I've taken recently I'll be looking for decent water for that first ride.
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