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Originally Posted by Beg4wake View Post
CantRepeat..... One shouldn't have to worry about running a tank below half full... if you're anything like me and pull a lot with a weighted boat, half of a tank will last only a couple hours. I'm sorry but I don't feel like making a trip up the lake every few hours to refill at lake gas prices!! I replaced with the Airtech E2044 and haven't had any probs at all. Run the tank down to a 1/4 or less every day we go out. And at $75 I'll gladly keep one on board as a spare just in case...all that's needed to change are an alan wrench, a phillips screw driver, and a fuel line tool and it shouldn't take more than 45 mins to do it all.

LKGMCX30... sounds to me like you may have a different issue going on. Sounds more electrical to me. Not so much a fuel starvation problem. I could be wrong though. Maybe a short in your safety tether? Just speculating.
Thanks for the reply. I'll stand by for any other opinions too.
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