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Originally Posted by Gteeiguy View Post
I just can't get a boat with over 1000+ hours. Not to mention the interior. This is by far, the cleanest looking exterior on a 190 I've seen on the market for that price, however.
Don't let the 1000 hours scare you off. As long as it is maintained properly, there is no reason you couldn't go at least another 1000 without major issues. My truck is well over 3000 hours (almost 3400, I think) with about 154,000 on the odometer. The engine uses zero oil between changes and has great compression in all 8 cylinders. It isn't quite an apples to apples comparison, but it isn't apples to coconuts either. Seat skins can be replaced at any time. I don't know anything about this boat, or even this model, but if it looks like a good deal based on what you've been looking at and it's in your budget and you like it, don't be so quick to dismiss it. Look at some engine compression numbers and get some more pictures. You can always save up a couple grand more and re-skin the seats down the road, over the winter, or one at a time on a need-to-do basis.

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