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Originally Posted by Bambamski1 View Post
I'm trying to figure out the new 2013 ballast system here and I've adjusted the timers to run with the new bags we put in the back storage compartment area. Bags are the fly high 450's. I thought the dealer told me that the ballast readings on the screen were for the internal ballast only. I guess they're not, the reading is only for the time that the pump is running for and there isn't an internal float in the tank getting an actual reading.

So my question, what does everyone have for their ballast timer for their back ballast setting? I think i have 5 minutes and 30 seconds which seems to short I guess (doesn't fill all the way). I'll play around with the timer this weekend but if it takes say 6 minutes and 30 seconds to fill for example, does it take less time to empy? I don't want to burn the impeller out, should I set the ballast timer for 30 to 40 seconds shorter to empty? Pretty much everytime i've taken the boat out of the water my gauge is reading 0 but I have a couple of minutes of water pumping out still.... I wish the ballast pumped out the side of the boat so you could see when the ballast is really empty...

Are you in for a surprise after you read this thread.

There are internal float-based senders, and we are having some issues here.
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