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you will get a full face of water at your weight almost everytime... Get in a very comfortable position with the tail of the ski under your butt. Look up at the tree line or up in the ski... keep pressure on the rear binding, when you yell hit - crunch your stomach, hold your breathe and hang on.

Don't stand up to early - biggest mistake you scan make... that will drive your ski down and you will get pulled over your ski...

Crunching your stomach will allow you to have the leverage to keep your ball position as the boat pulls you up. Don't try to stand up too soon.

The 2013 Triumph is a more advanced ski with less surface are in the mid to rear section - so minimum 30 on that ski.

Practice-practice - agreed - took me a season to get 100% deep start when I am not tired. When you are learning abort deep water start when tired... Once you feel it - the trainer rope will get in the way.
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