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Originally Posted by towelshoot View Post
Thanks. Nice price $139 - ebay is showing exact same model at over $240. I don't have a heater now. Is that something I can add while I am doing this? Do I want to? Probably not, you would have to buy a heater kit and cut some holes, etc. I have one, but have never used it other than to see if it works.

Two more: 1. Do I replace the seal on the shaft? If I saw any oil leaking around the shaft I would. 2. I saw I should use sealant on the bottom bolts - any particular kind? Any thread sealant should do the job. I used Permatex thread sealant.
If you have to replace it, the seal for the shaft is available in a Felpro kit for LT-1's but is hard to find by itself. The kit is about $10, so it's not too bad.
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