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Originally Posted by NWMike View Post
I used Delstar single stage enamel, PPG. I matched the white on my Suburban so I could use the extra to touch up the trim on my truck. Using medium reducer it flashes of pretty fast so dust didn't have time to settle. I tried the fast stuff on the fenders and it flashes way too fast. For a 65 degree day, the medium worked fine. Not must dust at all meaning you would really have to look for it. I actually got more dust on the fenders shooting them in my garage than I did outside. Having the fan sucking the air out I think circulated the air enough to disturb the dust. Being that it was clear coat, it can be lightly wet sanded and buffed out.

Had a calm day and wet everything down around me. Sprayed it right in the driveway. I have my favorite Binks spray gun, old siphon style, since I wasn't really going for showroom quality. If I did it over, I would have elevated the trailer a bit more so I could get better coverage under some of the rails. Laid a big tarp out so I didn't get any overspray on the driveway.
Thanks man! It looks awesome!
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