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Originally Posted by CantRepeat View Post
I hear ya Jim. But, my 06 is a MEFI4 and does not have a CAN system. I did, however, purchase the I-CAN adapter so I could scan a friends 07 MEFI5. When I talk to EngineNut(Larry) about it is when I learned that it was MEFI5s that needed the I-CAN adapter which I purchased from Rinda. There could have been a mid year change but I don't have a CAN.

I never said the CATs had anything to do with scanning codes. It's just the same year they went to MEFI5s.

So the good news is that if anyone is in my area and needs codes read from any of the MEFI systems I have the cable and both adapters.
OK. I was just going by the PM he sent when I asked when the paper clip method ended. Didn't go into too much detail.
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