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Still leaking....:no face:

Replaced valve cover gasket this afternoon, sprayed down the block with brake cleaner, cleaned the bilge and went for a short test run. After a 10 minute run, right front of engine, hoses, etc. is covered in oil. I do not think it is the valve cover gasket, as I can see no leak under the gasket. There seems to be three things that it could be: oil pressure switch piping, oil filter, or dipstick tube. Also made sure oil level was ok. I'm guessing I lost about 1/2 quart as this what it took to bring the level back to the safe zone.

I bought another PVC valve and replaced my solid oil fill cap with a breathable cap also today. I plan on taking the pressure switch plumbing off and checking it and also replacing the oil filter, as well as trying to tighten the dip stick tube.

After I do this I may make a run with the dog box off to see if I can see where the leak is coming from. It is weird that at the dock with the fast idle around 2000 rpms I cannot see a leak.

Hope to get to work on this later in the week. I'll update the thread afterwards.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

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