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Originally Posted by ranger098 View Post
Hey all, i have a 2004 x2, indmar assault 310 TBI engine, MEFI4 ECM. wondering if i could do the paperclip method of checking trouble codes? I've read alot on here that you could only do this on older boats, and newer boats can fry the ECM. My year boat seems to be right around the cutoff.

Took her out one day, ran great and came into the dock with a smile on my face. Next day took her out and was in limp mode right from the start with check engine light on. Idles well and doesn't die, Revs out fine in neutral but enters limp mode when engine is under a load. Also i am hearing a hissing from the flame arrestor, even at idle. Maybe a fuel issue, but would like to know what trouble codes i got and start there.

Thanks to all that reply!
There's no "limp mode" in marine. If it does that, shut it down instead of running it. Cars and trucks had that so a person could pull it over safely, not drive all the way home. Boats don't usually have a radiator and a cooling system full of liquid, so don't keep running it.

If it tops out at 2000 RPM, it's likely that you were overheating it and that's the only reason it goes into RPM Reduction (the REAL name for what is called 'limp mode').

The hissing was always there- it's the air going into the IAC or through the gap between the throttle plate and throttle body.

You can use a paper clip as long as the engine is from 2004 or earlier. In 2005, they changed to the CAN system and you can't use a paper clip to find the codes on those.
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