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Originally Posted by Tateau18 View Post
I have been running the boat every weekend now with no issues after I cleaned the fuel pump inlet screen. The LT1 is definitely a power house. Can anyone with the same year or close model tell me if their check engine light comes on when the key is in the on position? I have yet to see mine come on at all and I am wondering if the bulb is out. My last boats check engine light and engine alarm would come on when the key was in the on position until the boat was started. Not having any problems here just curious if I need to swap a bulb or light. I know I definitely want it working if I ever do have a problem. Thanks for the help.
I have a '96 LT-1 and have yet to see the check engine light come on. I hope it isn't burnt out, but just doesn't come on when the key is on. Not much help, but we are in the same situation.
'96 ProStar 205 SD LT-1
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