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I changed my transmission fluid Saturday, what I messy job. I was glad I don't have any carpets in the back compartments yet, I would have a trail of AFT. I bought a transfer pump but I was having a hard time getting the tube to go to the bottom and not curl up. I found a piece of 1/2" copper tubing and taped it to the hose, with that I was almost able to get to the bottom of the case (the curves some so I couldn't get the very bottom). I sucked out 3 3/8 qts.

I added a gallon of 15W-40 oil, I have the cooler drained so once I get it running I'll check the dipstick and adjust as needed. One thing I will do next time is make sure I pump into an empty gallon oil jug, hopefully it won't splash as much when I get carried way with a pump or suck air.

One more thing crossed off the to do list!!!
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