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I'm sitting on the lake now. Boat runs and idles fine. But when I give her fuel to go she bogs barfs out the top of the carb with a poof sound. And then goes it will stiffer and shudder for a bit and then smooth out. I too was wondering what the float level may be. Mine where not level either. Of it stalls super hard to start also full throttle and crank her over until it roars to life. This sucks. Carb work better befor rebuild. I only rebuilt it because it was 20 years old and leaking fuel out of the accelerator pump
And started to run ruff. I no I got it rebuilt right and cleaned. I check everything and had my mechanic buddy do the technical stuff. But he too was concerned about float levels wit the original settings being so different.
Anyways. I'll check it later when I limp it back home. Haha.


1988 mastercraft tristar (open bow).
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