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Another unsatisfied customer here. I sent my one piece sun deck to them to have converted to a 3 piece. I was quoted a few weeks and $300. This was supposed to include all the hardware to re-attach: hinged brackets and gas shocks with gas shock brackets for the two side hatches. I made the cuts to the deck and sent it in. That was mid to late January. They took forever. I got ahold of Jim, and he said that they needed to cut new aluminum for the side hatches since the pieces I sent were slightly bent on one corner. I agreed, but expressed my concern that the new cuts fit right. He assured me they would. They don't. The starboard hatch is too wide. It rubs so hard on the middle hatch that I can't open or close either one without opening them both. I didn't get them until April, almost 4 months from when I sent it off. And I didn't get all the hardware. Not to mention he charged me extra for the hardware (some of which I didn't receive and had to wait 3 more weeks for). I would have been ok with the charge for the hardware had I known it upfront. Since we discussed it up front prior to him giving me an estimate, why not include that in the estimate? The vinyl work is good, but the rest is crap. Vinyl work doesn't do me much good when one of the hatches doesn't fit. I don't want to send it back to him, though, because I wouldn't get it back until the end of the summer!

Ridiculous. I won't ever use them again, and certainly wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
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