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Originally Posted by SWGA Boater View Post
Yes the left cover has a PCV valve. I will check or replace as they are inexpensive.
Pull the PCV and shake it- if it rattles, don't bother replacing it.

When you changed the oil and filter, did you crank the new filter on like it was a contest? Only tighten it 3/4 to 1 full turn after the rubber gasket makes contact with the block.

What about the hose for draining the oil- is it hanging at the front of the engine, next to the pulleys? I have seen several that wore through because they moved during acceleration and made contact with a pulley.

Remove the starter and use a small diameter flashlight with an inspection mirror to look at the flywheel- if it's covered with oil (it will have a sheen that shouldn't be on it) and looks like it's wet, you may have a bad rear main seal. Not the end of the World, but you don't want to run it this way.

What does the transmission use- Dexron or 20W? Make sure of where the leak exists- did you check the fluid levels after you saw the oil? If not, do it immediately.
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