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Originally Posted by 93ProStar205 View Post
Oil leaks suck to find, but given the rate it's leaking this should be an easy one. Clean up the motor/bilge with Simple Green or similar and have someone run it while you look for the source(s) with the motor box up and a good flashlight. Could definitely be the valve cover gaskets, particularly if the crankcase is overfilled. My 93 205 used to pool it in the intake valley between the runners due to a leaky valve cover. Would also check rear main seal area between the motor and trans.
This is one place I noticed oil pooling which lead me to think valve covers.

I looked at alot of pictures on the web and its seems most Ford engine have a breathable oil fill cap. I will replace the nonbreathable cap with a breathable cap also.

Thanks all for the quick suggestions!
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