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Originally Posted by Jonb1822 View Post
I wanted to give an update and ask for some advice. The dealer thinks the leak should be fixed, but I have also been having Viper issues that are still unresolved. The dealer has been working with the factory to find the issue, but my question is how long is too long. The viper issues are going on their 5th month. I have only taken my boat out once all year. If not for being able to borrow the dealers I would be boat less and the resolution is another possible 2 months out. The season will be coming to a close then. Do I have any course of action or am I just screwed?
If you still have the loaner boat then tell them you will keep it until yours is fixed. While the owner stepped up and helped you out, he did what he should have done. Would you not expect a car dealer to supply you with a similar $90,000 loaner car if you had similar issues with an automobile?
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