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Originally Posted by ncsone View Post
I did it a few times when I was just learning to drive a inboard (Supra Comp) 20 years ago or more.

Had it happen just last weekend as well. We had a skier on the platform putting a ski on when a wakeboard boat went by throwing out a huge roller that came our way. With a skier standing on the platform with a ski on, there is not much you can do other than just let it roll over the bow.

I am very aware of not doing power turns. Sometimes situations arise that you just don't have a good solution for; last weekend was one of those times.
yeah I can see that for sure, I think maybe I'm just spoiled being on a smaller lake there is not enough room for large wakeboard/surfing boats so the only time I would ever run the chance of dunking is while pulling.

Now, back to the beers and white t-shirts in the bow....
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