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Originally Posted by mayo93prostar View Post
I sure would like to have a 93 with the LT1 and powerslot! If another of these limited editions comes up for sale, I would like to get one. I love my blue and white one but ... Dave, do all the limited editions have the LT1?
Interestingly two 93s have come up for sale recently as posted on this site but they are one blue and one red. nice tandem trailers though.
I was told yes all Limiteds are LT-1's but some are powerslot and some are 1:1.

BTW, if you want to trailer up outside of Philly there is a guy at my club that has your same boat! Pretty cool. (2 blue ones together would make for a cool pic)
Our ski show is July 13th.....maybe come up for that?
I was njskier on here.
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