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is the area just to the right of "the cove" a nice spot to ski? we've been exploring falls quite a bit and haven't found a nice long run that didn't have tons of boaters....that one looks a little off the beaten path....
That one is alil short to be honest and it gets a fair amount of traffic with people coming in/out of the cove. I will share this information with you but with the understanding that I will need a picture of your boat, your reg #'s, and that you will yield to my boat when I roll in. This is top secret information and is not to be shared with the likes of the wildlings. In the mornings it appears to be worlds largest piece of glass. The birds won't even crap in the water due to the fear of causing a ripple. I once heard that a jet ski drove into the forbidden zone and instantly sank. It is so magical that tubes explode once they get within 100' of this location. God himself takes sets on this strip!

When you pass the dam you take the right turn and then to the left is heaven. There are perfect turn arounds and both ends

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