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Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
Falken tires have had a good name for years. They don't have a huge advertising budget so they aren't as well known as they could be.

A quick note about reviews. These are written by several types of people that only represent a portion of the market. They can be deceiving because a lot of people who love whatever it is they bought would never think to write a review, where an extremely unhappy customer is more likely to write a review. Reviews certainly have a place, but I only put so much stock in them unless there are lots of problems. End of sermon......carry on.
Yeah I figure that most people are like me in that they hop right in to give reviews when they've had a negative experience, but tend to forget to do the same with a positive one.

I know nothing about and have no exeperience with either the Hankook or Falken brand, so that's why I was putting a little bit more stock in the reviews. I'm pretty sure I can't go wrong with either of them though as they are about half of what the Michelins are. Worst case scenario seems to be I get half of the mileage as a Michelin and then I will just break even.
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