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Is anyone close to viper customs in Tennessee?

Wow so I dropped the boat off April 23 or so and was told 2-4 weeks or so for the interior. I had a few minor things done too but iv been promised phone calls emails pictures you name it iv been promised it. I told them I needed the boat definitely by this weekend and now it's still not going to be done. Is there anyone close that can stop in and check on my boat. I'm getting pretty frustrated. Everything I call Jim can't talk he's either with a customer blah blah blah no call back. I tried to also spend upwards of 4000-5000 on wetsounds that I told multiple employees a list of everything I wanted and when I got an email 2 weeks later they forgot half the boat work I wanted and the stereo quote was for two speakers that's it.... Enough complaining iv seen the work he can do but is this just normal with almost every boat shop?
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