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Started cleaning up some odds and ends, nothing worthy of pics yet but I'll have more done by the end of the weekend. (r/w pump, pulleys, valve covers, t-stat housing, intake manifold)
Dropped the carb off for a rebuild yesterday, should be back in about a week. Not sure I'll bother with the stock intake, cheap enough to buy and aftermarket. (Any recommendations for a slightly better than stock?)
In talks with a couple people about engines, debating on whether or not to get a full long block, or get a short block with GT40 heads. Was pretty tempted by these on Ebay, price seems too good to be true though. Are GT40s worth the upgrade? What else would I have to change out?
Here's the list of parts I've rounded up so far, i'll be placing an order with skidim tomorrow night I think:

Fuel Filter/Seperator – Racor 110 Skidim part # 0501
R/W Impeller – Skidim part # 0714
Circulation Pump Skidim part# 0610
T-Stat 160 degree skidim part #0736
T-stat housing gasket skidim part #0725
Shaft packing (? 1-4” not sure what size I need??)
Ignitor/flamethrowe coil/distributor/ignition - conversion kit
(2) Exhaust manifold mounting kit skidim part#9004
(2) riser gasket skidim part#11221
Intake gasket set skidim part#1118
Valve cover gasket set skidim part#1106
(2) Speedo pitot skidim (one's snapped off, might as well do both)
Speedo tubing 25ft skidim part#1802

Anything major missing?? It will likely be a few weeks before I have the new engine so in the meantime I need to get everything needed for a quick install. I'll be taking that time to figure out whether or not I need to replace the starter and alternator and check out the tranny oil cooler.
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