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Since I have not had any power to my boat yet I was wondering what Acc-1 & Acc-2 are used for?

One is for the heater blower and one is for the hot water shower, if equipped. We have both and I always forget which switch is which (say that ten times fast).

I'm assuming I'm missing the cover for the Anchor/Navigation light circuit breaker, Is that a dealer only item?

Yes, it is missing, and I'm not sure about the dealer part.

I'm also assuming the push button above the switches is for the horn, should that have a cover on it also?

Yes, it is for the horn, and no it doesn't get a cover.

I'm missing the cigarette lighter, is that something special or would one from a car work?

I don't know for sure.

I'm also wondering does the boat have a warning buzzer if the motor temp rises to an unsafe level? I know there's a temp gauge but I buzzer would be nice just in case no one is looking at the gauges.

I'd like to hear the answer on this one too!

Any help on where to find my missing parts would be greatly appreciated!!![/quote]
1998 MariStar 200 VRS, LT1, PowerSlot
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