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Originally Posted by Astepatatime View Post
Interesting responses...thought this was almost a rhetorical question.

But it appears there's no consensus on what counts or doesn't count. And how it weight capacity is enforced.

Maybe I'll reachout to my dealer rep out of curiousity.

My main concern is just safety. I've only had one 750lb sac in the rear port locker of the X55 as a test run, and that created a pretty serious list. I'm considering adding a second 750 under the port side seat (that seams to be the recommendation for optimal surf wave) and honestly, a bit nervous of the idea. But I know smaller size boats do it all the time. Probably just have to get used to it.
You big baby. Fill her up. I've run over 2000# in mine with at least 1100 being ballast. And my boat is not even close to the size of a X55. Your fine man.

On the note of capacity.

Plates are required on any boat 14ft or more not 20ft.

Plates are not including fuel so they do not include stock ballast.

The engine does not count towards capacity

Fuel, equipment, people, all count.

It depends on your local laws whether or not it's enforced.

The capacity is rated for rough weather, choppy water, high winds. Even boaters training class states that you wouldn't likely have trouble on calm days overloading a bit.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this.

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