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A quick little update on the money pit. Yesterday was the second trip out to the delta since I have owned the boat. The first time was when I posted prior to this. Since then I rebuild the carb that came on the boat since the one I purchased was not meshing well with my boat for several reasons. I also had the prop reworked to the tune of $200 for a fricking tiny nick. (I was not a happy camper when I got that bill)

On to yesterdays events... Took it out with the wife before our family friends got out there. Ran it for a total of about 20 mins, 15 of that being 5 mph zones. Boat was running great, a little rich, but I'm ok with that as it is just a simple tuning issue with the carb. The driveline vibration was pretty much non existent. I was as happy as a clam.

We went back to the marina to meet up with out friends, putts out of the 5mph zone and took off. Well, somewhat took off. About 50 yards out of the 5mph zone I lost all power and there was smoke billowing from the engine cover. (Insert several expletives in a very long sentence) I throw open then engine cover and to my relief it was only one of the exhaust hoses that had exploded. Yes, my day was over but at least it is an easy fix.

Picture of the first of many tows I'm sure: (Yes I was getting towed by a ski umbrella)

And onto the hose:

Interior of hose:

Well since the boat does not have a stereo system in it I have been trying to be responsible with my money and do the necessary things first and make sure the boat is running like a top before I have fun with that. After being towed for 30 mins in dead silence I am ordering my stereo equipment this week ha ha.

Even though yesterday sucked two good things came out of the day: 1. The boat was running well before I broke it. and 2. I will have a full tank of gas for the next time I take this bad boy out. Wooohoooo
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