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throttle surge

My 05 XStar with 8.1L Indmar has been acting up last two times out on lake. I do not use the perfect pass, so I use the hand throttle to "manually" control speed, rpms, etc.

Recently, when I throttle up hard to pull skier or boarders, the rpm's drop and the engine does not respond/recover until I back off the throttle and "gently" throttle up to approximately 3800 rpm's. Engine doesn't "cough" or sputter, it just refuses to accelerate aggressively.

I replaced fuel pump last summer and also had MC dealership update the software codes. In the past month, I've noticed a slight whine that I attribute to the alternator bearing going bad. Otherwise, 496 engine has just had routine maintenance and oil changes every 50 hours since I've owned boat.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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