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Originally Posted by Traxx822 View Post
I have an uncle thats, well he's pretty well off, anyways everything he owns is black on black on black. I mean even custom ordered his wifes WRX in all black including the sticking which is normally red.

He has this Audi RS4 that he recently put on red adv10dc rims. I was so stunned. But have to admit. They are kinda cool.

Its definitely a taste thing. I was just playing devils advocate. I see so many vehicles with black rims now that its almost cliche.
Traxx822...he must be well off...not only is the RS4 a really nice car to start, but to actually customize one?! And ADV wheels are def not cheap! I like the red tho! Not to stoked about the headlights but the rest of the car looks dope!
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