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Sorry to bring an old thread back to life but I' thinking about moving to a 69" Senate with Vector bindings. Was out yesterday for the second time of the year and went over the front of my 67" Connelly Concept with sidewinder bindings. Needless to say it felt like the b*#$h was trying to kill me. I'm 6'1" and 205 lbs. and was thinking the 69" Senate might support my weight better. I tired the Vector bindings on at the MC dealer last week and was able to actually put them on without water and soap. Probably the most comfortable binding I've ever had on. Big improvement over my Sidewinders which require some effort and cramp my feet. I'm also actually thinking the Vectors may have released which would have been worth the purchase price based on how I feel today.

I only free ski these days and would consider myself to be an older intermediate skier. I currently ski at 31 - 32 MPH, don't see myself chasing balls any more but don't really want to step into to a wide body 20 MPH ski either.

So my questions are..... Would there be a noticeable difference with the additional 2"? Has anyone had any experience with both skis or bindings? Would it be worth doing the upgrade?

I still love skiing but I can't take too many more falls like that and not have the ski release......
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