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Originally Posted by agua4fun View Post
I ended up creating a small shim with west system epoxy under the strut. I used the strut as a form, with a mold release. Then after it cured, I cleaned the mold release and used silicone between the strut and new epoxy shim. - bolted back up, alligned the engine and now i'm .001 up/dn & .003 L/R

Left/Right is tough to get the engine to only move a small amount. It kept going too far everytime i tried to move it. Now thinking about it i should have used a clamp or block etc.. to create a stop on the opposite side i was pushing on. Also, i found 3 of 4 nuts on the front horizontal pins weren't even close to tight.

Replaced the packing. The strut bearings looked fine.

Thanks for the help everyone.
Ratcheting straps can be helpful as well.
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