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Originally Posted by jessejames View Post
Patrhodes, I have the same problem as you. My 99 Prostar leaked water into my MDC through the Pitot tubes on the last day in the water last season. I looked it up then at Midwest Mastercraft (they are only a few miles from me in Minneapolis) and price was about $250. Now I just tried to order one from them and it is $550!!!

They said that their cost has gone up on it from Mastercraft. This is because MC relationship with Medallion is bad since they don't use them on new boats. So Medallion is jacking the price.........Anyway, I have a connection at Medallion from when I ordered a replacement matching fuel gauge last year. I am in the process of trying to buy direct from them and potentially cut out all the mark up cost. PM me if you want me to check if they have your model too (I'm assuming it is the same as mine).

As for trying to dry it out...I think you would need to drill a hole in it to drain it first. I'm an engineer in the electronics industry, and I highly doubt that the components on the circuit board would all still be working properly after a flood like that.
Same thing happened to me this year, $400 for the box. The guy at Buckeye Marine MC said the same thing, last year they were $250! Hope you are able to buy direct.
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