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Originally Posted by Hatch7 View Post
I have heard mixed reviews on the additives but most are in the snake oil camp. What about Marvel Mystery Oil? I know nothing about it's composition but could that help or hurt?

I do use Stabil on a regular basis both during the season and the appropriate amount for winterization.
I've always heard good things about MMO. However, I have not used it in anything other then 2 stoke engines back when I was a kid.

The one "rumor" that I like best and need to start using is the MMO or 1/2 quart of tranny fluid before oil changes.

Originally Posted by thatsmrmastercraft View Post
Welcome to the support group. My name is thatsmrmastercraft and I have MCOCD...........
Indeed, we are a support group for sure. I get a great feeling after someone comes here and gets good info that turns out to fix their troubles. It doesn't matter if it's my advice or someone info from any of the other great people here, it's always nice to see MC owners helping each other out.

I enjoy learning from great post that go up here!

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