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Originally Posted by ggrimes13 View Post
I had a rebuilt from National Carburetor on my 1987 TriStar, with a sticker label 80319-351. (carb installed by previous owner during motor rebuild). Due to some issues, I wanted to go thru the carb so I ordered the 703-47 kit and found out it only has metering body gaskets for carbs that have an accelerator pump transfer tube. My carb did not have the tube, and therefore I needed a different gasket. Out of curiosity I peeled off the sticker and the original carb number had been ground away.... I'm guessing that an original 4160 marine carb probably has the tube, therefore this kit would work. Just wanted to share my experience.
Thanks for the heads up. The carb that is on the boat now is one that came off an 88 prostar (I have an 83 S&S) but was rebuilt by national carburetor. I think they do some real shady things over there as I had to have someone rebuild that carb again right after it came back from them with zero use. Now i am rebuilding the original carb that came on the boat because something is still not right with the carb that came back from them.
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