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Well I made some progress during the week and yesterday. I was able to remove the stickers, buff and wax the port side.

I also finished the lower rear section of the boat.

Today I removed the starboard stickers and buffed above the rub rail.

When I removed the port side rear "Mastercraft" sticker I used a heat gun and my fingers to scrape and peel the sticker, that worked okay but when I tried the Maristar one I was not having much luck. I tried a plastic wedge tool I have but as soon as it got warm it bent. I had an idea to sharpen a paint stir stick and that worked very well!!

At first I was using WD-40 to remove the remaining adhesive but then I tired some automotive solvent based wax and grease remover and that worked better.

He's the finished product ready to wet sand and buff.

I can't believe how long it has been taking!!! I've probably spent 4 hours today removing the stickers from one side and buffing above the rub rail.

I have the boat sitting in my driveway like that so I can work between the garage and the boat out of the sun in the evenings, the sun rises behind my house and sets in front of it.

I'm hoping the machine shop will have all the machine work done to the block and heads this week so I can get the bearings and gaskets ordered I will need. I'm planning on having them assemble the short block.

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