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I honestly wasn't trying to troll your post. But I know I would get hammered if I listed my Prostar for $20k here.

SKS are far from rare, they are formally $70 rifles (the really good Chinese ones, which are more desirable from the Yugos). Russians are the more rare and command higher prices than other countries of manufacture.

7.62x39 is not really hard to find on the internet, $300 is the going price for 1000. But prior to the Sandy Hook panic, it was $200 for 1000.

Prices and availability are sliding back to normal. ARs were impossible to find, now pretty easy again and prices almost back to normal.

Ammo is getting better but behind the actual firearms in price and availability. Probably be 6+ months from now to get back to normal (brass 5.56 for $300/1000 and 9mm $200/1000).

You will know its blown over if you see WalMart being fully stocked and no restrictions on ammo purchase limits.
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