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I have used them before and have paid them to fix a lot of problems done to my boat by the previous owner (new strut, shaft, and prop). But it was the little things they did that drove me crazy. They couldn't tighten the ignition properly and the key used to spin all the way around, one day the wires behind it striped off and I was stranded swimming my boat to shore. Then somehow the wires touched the right way b/c the boat started while I was swimming it to shore with the key in the glove box. Anyways, when someone charges that much just to tighten an ignition you expect it done properly. Only reason why I even had them do it is because they did everything else when I first bought the boat.

Needless to say, I store by boat in Hot Springs and no longer use them. The Supra guys there took care of my Mastercraft this year and I couldn't be happier.

The owner is a nice guy though, I will say that. And for him to let you use the new boat to right the wrongs they did was first class. I just personally stay away from them now.
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