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Originally Posted by magnum View Post
I am not sure which dealer you are talking about but I hope it is the one up in the NorthWest because the one in Central has been a Great Dealer to me, the owner is willing to help in every way they can, Not sure which model you have but if that is the prop Shaft, I understand it is a packing on the inside that keeps it from leaking so if that was done wrong , that is probably where your water is coming from , I have heard they are suppose to leak a small amount , I don't think silicone is going to correct a packing problem but if it is the screws leaking , you might take the ouside plate off and resilicone that
It is the one in central. Guys are nice, but nothing gets fixed. If you want the details just PM me and I will give you the story. Boat is a 2011 X25 with a OJ dripless. I rechecked the hose clamps and everything is tight. Water feels like it is coming in around one of the bottom two bolts.
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