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Originally Posted by XavierSPL View Post
Got a bit more done today and unfortunately discovered the engine is seized oh well, I bought the boat assuming it would need a swap, frustrating thing is the person before has definitely been wrenching on it and it would've saved me a bit of time had he just been honest about it..
I pulled the raw water pump and the thermostat housing and found the same heavy corrosion I found in the water jacket at the freeze plugs.. Is this typical or was this boat in acid? I knew the impeller would be shot and it was of course, little pieces of it missing but the impeller housing seems fine, spins tight and freely - can't think of any way to test the seal though..
My big concerns now are what will be salvagable.. the intake manifold is very corroded where I pulled the thermostat housing. I'm afraid I'll find the same thing in the exhaust manifolds - should I be concerned here? Can these be dipped or something to restore the interior areas? Swapping the intake wouldn't be so bad - could easily get an aftermarket or something.. Here's some pics:
My thermostat housing looked worse, I sand blasted and had it powder coated black, looks new. Plan on new exhaust manifolds, but they may be salvageable too. You may be able to free and save the motor, soak in oil.

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